Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A small lesson in body mechanics

The elbow is a hinge joint and one of the best points to gain leverage against another person. It's also one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when i watch limb control videos.

For reference when I refer to below or above the elbow, I'm using the anatomical position as a point of reference. This is a person standing erect with head forward and palms facing forward.

There are two ways to control the elbow and the way you do it depends on whether you are inside or outside of an opponent's attack. Being inside of attack is like being hugged. You are between the attackers arms. Being outside is the opposite. You are outside of the attackers arms.

If you are outside of the attack you want to push above the elbow moving the arm across the opponent's body. This will twist the spine very easily and compromise their structure. It will also block off an attack from the opponent's other arm. Being below the elbow on the outside is very dangerous. The arm can bend leading to a nasty elbow into your face. With control above the elbow this isn't possible. This also has the added benefit of accomplishing defense and unbalancing at one time in what can just be one move.

If you are inside of an attacker, one must control the arm below the elbow on the forearm. It isn't a very good leverage point when used in this way, but it keeps the arm from bending around your defenses and attacking you with any number of strikes.

A quick review.

Above the elbow on the outside.

Below the elbow on the inside.