Monday, December 28, 2015

BAB Training

Thirty minutes training with J. Five minutes of one step sparring with the metronome. Rory Miller type rules: each get a simultaneous movement per beat, full structure and movement, no targets are off limits, but slow implementation for safety. A few of his touch sensitivity drills. One of us blindfolded with a few points of contact. I call out a target and she touches it with a striking surface. Example, "throat" she touches my throat with her knuckles. Another blindfolded drill where she's blindfolded and she puts her hands on my shoulders, I initiate a strike in slow motion and she blocks based on what she feels.

I have a responsibility to be her worst nightmare, to show no mercy. I'm not going to drill her in the face full force, but I'm not going to limit my techniques or give her an inch. Today during one step, I had her curled up in a ball raining down blows on her. Controlled of course. "Okay you got me," she said. "You're not allowed to practice dying," I responded. She hit me in the nuts and then hit me in the neck with her forearm. Good girl. I won't come close to being the most vicious person she might meet, but I still have to try.