Sunday, March 12, 2017

Is punch kick block wrong?

Don't get me wrong the application of karate, which is, everything is a punch, kick, or block to a punch or kick is a pretty terrible way to look at karate. But is it technically wrong?

Karate is the application of energy and structure. The PKB method is still the application of energy and structure even if it is a very inefficient means of doing so. It is also a very simple way of applying the kata. Simple is better but it's not exactly what I'm talking about.

PKB is the "see spot run" version of karate. See spot run is a sentence. It's just very simple. It's for children that have not completely mastered all the concepts of writing. PKB requires the least possible explanation on the instructor side and since modern karate is essentially a left over program for preparing little boys for conscription into military service it's all they really need. Why bother with abstract concepts when they're going to get chewed up by mortar fire?

So is PKB wrong? No. It's just simple. All of the legitimate karate training is still in the old books. It's all there in the form of concepts, but because it's not a list of super secret deadly moves, they are largely ignored.