Friday, August 21, 2015

Goal Oriented Karate

It's always important to keep in mind while you're training what you are training for. The goal of karate should be self protection. There are other benefits to practicing karate, but they are not what karate is for in the classical sense. Repeat after me.

Karate is for self protection.
Karate is not for fighting.

When we generically think of a physical confrontation, we might think about two guys, because it's always guys, squaring off toe to toe and beating each others brains out. People that stay in the fight as long as they can must be showing their commitment and heart. I mean who doesn't like Rocky? But wait, Rocky is a fight and we're talking about self protection.

Every single karate technique you practice should have the ability to end the fight immediately. This is either through escape or physical damage that allows you to escape. If someone has a grip on you a disrupting blow, something that distracts them, can be enough to get free and get running.

It might not be popular in our fantasy culture, but the point is to remain unharmed and able to go about your day, not pick fights.

Of course the best way to stay out of trouble, is not to be there.

Keep this in mind while you're training.