Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good Training Day

Spent the morning with kata and kettle bells, running through Seisan ten times with a one minute rest in between. The plan is to shorten the rest periods until I can run through the kata ten times without stopping while holding the bells. It should be an interesting goal to work toward.

Did some sparring with someone new today. I've been sparring so much with J lately it's hard to tell where the bad habits might be. Apparently the answer is knees and kick defense. I have a bruised and knotted shin thanks to old bad habits. Should have just moved off line when I saw it coming. It's something to work on.

It's always good to train with someone who isn't a karateka to pressure test techniques. A good technique should work on anyone regardless of size, strength or whatever they might be doing at the moment. I'm pleased that so far my techniques are holding water.

I'm hoping that this person didn't get scared away.

Happy training.