Friday, February 5, 2016

In the Name of Reality

I went on a certain forum the other day and after spending about twenty minutes on it I could feel my brain twisting into a knot. I've forbidden myself from going to this forum for this very reason. I had joined it looking for other practically minded karateka, but I found a lot of the same fantastical thinking that I've found other places. It's amazing how heated arguments can get about things, which don't matter in the name of reality.

Many karateka replace one brand of fantasy for another. Instead of fighting off 10 ninjas at the same time they're countering a lapel grab with a 15 step wrist lock of death. It makes my head hurt. People obviously can practice however they want, but I'd rather they didn't piss on my leg and say it's raining. It's this or they're collecting thousands of scenarios and techniques just in case. They want to be ready. How much time do they dedicate to each of these individual techniques and scenarios? Probably not much. It's like having a gun safe full of rifles that you've never fired.

Apparently practicality means something different to other people. Practicality apparently means spending 5-8 years learning the patterns of a bunch of kata, spending a few more years deciphering applications and scenarios from each of these kata, sorting through all those applications and scenarios for the techniques you like the best and then putting together a training plan from there. It makes me wondering what these people are paying their dojo fees for. Wasn't the point of joining a dojo, so you didn't have to figure this junk out for yourself?

It makes my eye twitch. The same traps, same gi just different kata explanations.