Tuesday, May 3, 2016


It's always more fun to practice with someone else. To spar, or work things out, practice some unscripted drills. It's important, but this doesn't present itself all the time, and it's easy to make the excuse that training without a partner is worthless. It's not fun. Practice, however, is practice. It might not be a live resisting person, but it will help. The more familiar you are with yourself, your capabilities and your karate the better you will be.

I used to be roommates with a member of the Marine Corps Boxing Team. This was his job. He spent most of his time doing roadwork, shadow boxing, hitting the bag, skipping rope and pad work. The basics. In comparison, sparring made up a very small portion of training.

The basics can be trained at any time and pretty much any place. There is always an avenue of karate that you can practice and improve. Besides, didn't you want to be a martial artist. This is what they do. Hone their craft. End of story.