Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wrench and Tear

I've been working on my grip lately. The wrist roller, a spring thing (not sure what it's called), and a bag of beans, which I toss and catch.

Each movement has multiple uses. Gouging, tearing and grabbing is something that can be done at almost any time. A strong grip cannot be achieved with just structure. It's one of the few things, which actually takes strength. It's probably the reason that hojo undo includes a huge focus on grip strength.

It won't put down a person, but it can hurt. Digging your fingers like iron claws into a throat, arm or just anything is a bonus, which can off balance a person. I heard a story recently of Chokotu Kyan where he faced a judoka. He grabbed the judoka by the cheek with a clawed hand, kicked out his feet and followed the poor sap down to the ground with an elbow. He definitely wasn't playing around and who would have expected someone tearing out their cheek with a hand.