Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Money

I've heard an argument twice now that really bothers me. It's basically that one can only teach martial arts if they earn money from martial arts that if they didn't earn money it would be impossible for them to teach. What? It's usually  put forth by people who own facilities, so I can see their stake in the matter, but they're still wrong. It's as if the world owed them money for teaching. Well, the world doesn't owe you anything. Besides this, if you will only teach for the money than how much do you really love what you do?

I know plenty of people who would love to earn money by doing what they love to do. Play music, write, teach, draw and any number of things, but they don't. They actually spend money doing what they love. These people still do these things. People teach, tutor, coach and guide for free on a daily basis, while working a full-time job and don't ask for compensation. Why does the world owe these other people a living?

Don't get me wrong. I'm a capitalist. You make money by exploiting inefficiencies. People are too lazy to crack open a book, learn and then push themselves, so they go somewhere where someone does it for them. They're too lazy to do something, so you invent a gadget that does it for them. It's all good stuff. It doesn't mean that because you have to do it for money that others aren't just as glad to do it for nothing.

People work two or three jobs at a time and raise kids, but these people wouldn't be able to teach martial arts if they didn't make a living at it? What a load of shit.